Last year at the Fall Festival, the Frisco Police issued several warnings to illegally parked vehicles on neighborhood streets. This year they are prepared to write tickets to illegally parked vehicles.  Please abide by the following rules to avoid a ticket while enjoying the awesome Fall Festival.
Frisco Police Guidelines Shared with Us:
  • Park as close to the curb as possible. 
  • Park, at least, 18 feet away from any fire hydrant.  The ones in front of the school will be marked off.
  • Park 10 feet away from crosswalks (especially the one in front of the school).  That is a tricky intersection and cars parked too close make it hard for emergency vehicles (fire trucks) to turn.
  • Park in the direction of traffic flow
  • These guidelines are recommended for any event at Tom Hicks where traffic can get congested. 
Thank you so much for your understanding!  We want it to be a pleasant night with no worries about parking violations.
Also…there will be no parking allowed in the front parking lot of the school.  We are using the entire area for attractions.  Parking on the side parking lot will be limited as we are saving those for teachers and judges for that evening.
Click here for a map of suggested parking locations.